International Research Journal of Pharmacy (IRJP) PANhealth Care Research Society en-US International Research Journal of Pharmacy (IRJP) 2230-8407 CITROBACTER- AN EMERGING HEALTHCARE ASSOCIATED PATHOGEN IN CLINICAL SAMPLES ISOLATED FROM A TERTIARY CARE CENTRE, HYDERABAD <p>The genus Citrobacter is distinct group of aerobic Gram negative bacilli from Enterobacteriaceae family. There is emergence of Citrobacter as a nosocomial pathogen in hospitalized patients. A prospective study was carried out in various samples(pus,urine,bodyfluids,blood,sputum) received to microbiology lab from September2023 to January2024. Identification of isolates was done using standard microbiological techniques. All isolates were tested for antimicrobial susceptibility on Mueller-Hinton agar by standard disc diffusion method(CLSI) guidelines. Out of 1702 samples processed in microbiology lab for aerobic culture 313 samples were culture positive for Citrobacter. The predominant species isolated was Citrobacter koseri 267(85.3%) followed by Citrobacter freundii 46(14.7%). The majority of isolates were from pus 148(47.2%) followed by urine 91(29%), bodyfluids 23(7.3%), blood 20(6.38%),implants 16(5.1%),sputum15(4.7%). Antibiogram suggests that Citrobacter species are sensitive to Imipenem, Cefepime, Piptaz and resistant to Ceftazidime,Ceftriaxone,Ampicillin,CefoperazoneSulbactam,Ciprofloxacin,Cotrimoxazole,Nitrofurantoin,Gentamicin,Amoxyclav,Amikacin.</p> S.Pavani Shaik Meherunnisa N.Sai Phani Vikas Copyright (c) 2024 2024-06-07 2024-06-07 15 6 1 6