Welcome to the International Research Journal of Pharmacy

International Research Journal of Pharmacy (IRJP) is an open-access monthly online Journal, which publishes original research work that felicitates scientific knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This is the official publication of PANhealth Care Research Society (Registration Number: S3210105507120102018) publishing 12 Issues per year.

PAN HEALTH CARE RESEARCH SOCIETY A nonprofit national society aimed at promoting research publication in human medical and Dental Research and Preventive health care. This Society also promotes, encourage and facilitates the establishment of health related research journals by providing affiliation. This society will also guide and facilitate in CME (Continued Medical Education), CDE(Continued Dental Education), Yahoo Mail, Conference, Workshop, Clinicopathological meetings, establishment of health related research journals. We are happy to contribute for setting new horizons in the reseach work of medical, Dental and Preventive science. The Association encompasses members who are students, professional teachers, researchers, practitioners, graduates and postgraduates.